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Top 5 Underrated Anime Waifus Of 2021

Since the rise in popularity of anime, many fans are eagerly searching for their desired Waifus. Most of us think that there is not much to offer any more in terms of waifus, as we feel like we have binged watched almost every anime out there but that is certainly not the case. We have prepared a list of Top 5 Underrated Waifus. All of them have various personality traits that make them a “perfect waifu”. Welcome to the world of Underrated Waifus.

Starting from number 5 we have:-

5. Hana Uzaki

Hana Uzaki is the main female protagonist of the anime Uzaki-chan wants to hang out! She has shiny silver hair with a slightly black nape and big blue eyes. She has an energetic and teasing personality overall.

(Image From YouTube)

She meets Shinchi Sakurai, the male protagonist of the anime who likes things calm and smooth. Hana was a quiet and unsocial person till high school but her personality entirely changes when she starts going to university.

Hana calls Shinchi “Senpai” and is always found teasing and mocking him over trivial matters. She has a unique and fun side to her which makes her so lovable. She changes the boring and dull life of Shinchi into a bright and joyful life.

Even though Hana’s character is quite humorous there are moments in anime that display her serious and loyal personality aspects.

Their relationship progresses throughout the story and there are more hilarious moments that you wouldn’t want to miss so check this anime out maybe Hana Uzaki is your dream waifu.

Her famous quote is:-

“If you want to hang out with me so badly, I guess I’ll have to oblige!”

4. Kohaku

Kohaku is one of the main characters of the anime Dr. Stone. She has stunning blonde hair with blue eyes. She has a caring and responsible personality and a dominating aura around her. She is known for her brute strength and survival instincts.

(Image From Pinterest)

She meets Senku Ishigami. Impressed by Senku’s wisdom and strategic abilities she begins to accompany him as his aid.

Even though Kohaku has extraordinary strength she is still quite feeble-minded and cannot understand Senku’s knowledge of science. Kohaku gets quite a character development throughout the series, she begins to understand Senku’s motives and plans accordingly. Her contributions towards the rise of The  Kingdom of Science is without a doubt most valuable.

At first, Kohaku’s main objective was to develop a medicine to cure his big sister, Ruri and when Senku made medicine to cure Ruri, Kohahu decided to help Senku in establishing The Science Kingdom.

Even during the “Stone Wars Arc”, Kohaku presented her fighting abilities for the glory of The Science Kingdom.

Kohaku’s moments when she is called “Gorilla woman” are quite humorous. She also has a more simplistic side this is shown by her moments with Senku. Her Strong determination and honest action are the traits that make her stand out.

Kohaku famous quote is:

“I’m gonna save Ruri-nee! / I believe in Senku!”

3. Sakura Kouno

Sakura Kouno is a supporting character of the anime named Horimiya. She has flashy short green hair with matching light green eyes. She wears rounded spectacles which give her character a rather cute look.

(Image From Anime Evo)

Sakura has a shy and caring personality. She is the vice president of the Katagiri Senior High School, she is hardworking and responsible during her work in the student council but she is insecure about her look and personality.

She meets Tooru Ishikawa, one of the main characters of the anime. She develops a crush on Tooru when she gets to know his bright and caring personality.

Sakure undergoes a huge character development, she begins to convey her honest feelings and thought gradually. The attractive side of Sakura lies in her courage and ability to overcome harsh truths. Sakura’s childhood friend is Remi Ayasaki who is a cheerful and cute girl. When Sakura is facing a personality crisis she begins to envy Remi. Remi encourages her by expressing how cute and adorable Sakura looks when she is blushing. These words become her most valuable treasure.

She cherishes her friends and always tries to become helpful to them. Her moments with Tooru and her friends are something that Sakura swears to protect and remember.

Her famous quote is:-

“I got rejected before I even had a chance to ask him out”.

2. Myulan

Myulan is one of the supporting characters in the anime named That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime. She has light green stunning hair and blue eyes. She has a responsible and rational personality and a powerful aura around her.

(Image From YouTube)

She meets Youm, an adventurer. Impressed by Youm’s kindness and warm attitude, she falls in love with him. Myulan was a puppet of Demon Lord Clayman because he had put a spell on Myulan’s heart so basically, he holds the life of Myulan. He assigned him to work as a spy with Youm’s party to infiltrate the Jura Tempest Foundation ruled by the great Rimuru Tempest.

She initiated a great magic barrier during the assault of humans on the Jura Tempest Foundation, which resulted in a lot of casualties. Myulan is a “Majin” ( people or monsters born with magic abilities). She hides her true form to blend into the humans.

Myulan gets character development throughout the series, she begins to regret her actions and even presents herself for punishment. Rimuru Tempest, the ruler of the Jura Tempest Foundation forgives her actions due to her regret and valid reasons.

Myulan is quite cute and charismatic due to her polite nature and honest personality. She is what you can call a “Waifu”. Her fans are obsessed with her adorable character design. Speaking of waifus, if you want to bring your waifu fantasies to life then treat yourself to a Anime waifu pillow case that could help you drift away to a cozy nights sleep.

1. U-1196

U-1196 is the main female protagonist of the anime Cells at Work! Code Black. She has long stunning white hair reaching up to her waist with black eyes. She has a hardworking and determined personality with a dominating aura.

(Image From CBR)

She is a “Neutrophil” cell in the human body that works for the protection of the body from bacteria and other harmful substances. It is like watching a biological demonstration of cells with some “Japanizing Beam” which makes it unique and interesting.

U-1196 is shown to live in a not-well-maintained body due to which she is always busy fighting the bacteria and protecting the peace within the world of the cells.

She meets AA2153, a red blood cell that works to supply oxygen and carbon dioxide to the body. U-1196 always ends up saving this lost red blood cell. It is speculated that they might have a relationship later in the series.

U-1196 fans are obsessed with her character design and the uniqueness of her story arc and overall animation which makes this show and her journey very interesting for anime goers.

The true charisma of U-1196 lies in her dedication and protective nature which makes all the fans brag about how she is the cutest and most hardworking cell of all.

So, that is it for today’s list. We hope that you watch these waifus in action and decide for yourself who is the best out of this list.

What do you think?

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