Hit Vs Jiren Spoilers – Goku Masters A New Technique Even Beerus Hasn’t Mastered It Yet

Jiren vs Hit Dbs episode 109

Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some new information in pretains to Dragon Balll Super episode 111 starring Hit versus Jiren, premiering on October 15th 2017, on week after the special between Goku vs Jiren.

Goku vs Jiren

Dragon Ball Super episode 111 is entitled “Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren!” The description goes as follows:

“Universe 6’s linchpin Hit vs the Strongest Warrior, Jiren! After, finally going into action, the mightiest man Jiren has seriously wounded Goku! Jiren next sets his sights on the Strongest Assassain, the Universe 6 warrior Hit!

Goku This Week: Will he be able to master his body to react on his own?!

Goku Evil

Goku has been injured head-to-toe by Jiren’s attack! However, immediately before going down he awakened to a new power called “Mastery of Self-Movement”, where his body reacts on his own! What could this be?”

So going into Dragon Ball Super episode 111 if you remember Whis told both Goku and Vegeta a very long time ago during the Resurrection F saga/movie in the idea that the body can react on its own, if perfected and mastered, something and not even which Beerus has mastered.So it looks like according to the spoilers Goku is in fact going to be able to master his body in reacting without him having to think in the battlefield.

Goku Battlefield

Meanwhile, we have the Strongest Warrior Jiren having to collide against the Mightiest Assassain Hit, as we understand based on the title ” The Extreme Battle of Another Dimension.” The question lingers can Jiren breakthrough Hit’s Time-Skip?

Time Skip

Can Jiren breakthrough Hit’s Cross Dimensions? As we’ve seen previous in Dragon Ball, but the question lingers Goku is injured from heas-to-toe according to the one-hour special, that we understand that Goku is engulfed by the Spirit Bomb.

Spirit Bomb

The Spirit Bomb blows up in front of him, so he is severely injured going into this fight.So it looks like whatever happened to Goku it causes him to master Self-Movement, the ability to move his body without having to think. So is this going to be a technique Goku’s going to use to defeat Jiren on not having to think during the course of battle, but instead in doing something to where it prevented Jiren from being on the offensive as much as he was during their first encounter in the one-hour special.

defeat Jiren

Hit vs Jiren, who do you guys have your money on? Is it on Hit? Can he Hit improve fast enough to the point where he can actually catch up to Jiren? Or do you guys believe similar to Goku, Jiren is going to obliterate Hit?

Jiren is going to obliterate Hit

There is no indication as to who of the two will win, we do understand that Goku is badly wounded and while being on the sidelines he is trying to recover and he’s trying to keep his body intact while learning in awakening this quote-on-quote “Mastery of Self-Movement”.

Mastery of Self-Movement

Well let me know what you guys think, I hope all of you are just as excited for this episode as I am, well till the next one see ya!

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