The Use Of This Technique Will Shock The Tournament Of Power!

The Use Of This Technique Will Shock The Tournament Of Power!
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It is a strict rule in Tournament of Power that killing is not allowed. Even if the killing was only done by an accident, it will be a violation of the rules. There is no explanation yet as to why killing is not allowed. But everyone, even Frieza and Hit, is being careful on their moves to avoid sudden destruction.

The Origin Of The Gods In Dragon Ball Super

But in the world of Dragon Ball Super, killing is not similar to erasing someone. This fact might become something important later on. When you kill someone, the body remains and the spirit will go to either Hell or Heaven. While when you erase someone, nothing will remain in his existence but his memory from other people. Your physical body and even your spirit will be erased on the spot. What if erasing someone would become neat?


It is understandable why there is no rule about erasing someone in the Tournament of Power. Only Gods of Destruction and the Omni King has the ability to erase. We haven’t seen the Angels or even the Grand Priest erase something or someone.

But what if a powerful mortal who can access the power of the Gods could do Destruction? Known as Hakai in Japanese, the Godly technique was imitated by Goku in the Manga. During his battle against Fused Zamasu, he put all the power of the Blue in his one hand and blasted it towards his target.

This technique seems to be working effectively. But Zamasu used Mai as a human shield. Left with no choice, Goku stopped the technique just before he can do any harm to Mai. Had he been successful, he would’ve been the first mortal to use Hakai.

Will he use this against other warriors in Tournament of Power? Will he ever use Hakai in the anime? If all his hidden aces failed against Jiren, then it is possible that he will use this as a last resort. He might not eliminate Jiren (a participant needs to fall out of the stage to considered as eliminated), he will be doing his team mates a great favor in the Tournament of Power.


Will this work? Well, there’s a big chance that it will. The technique worked against Zamasu, who was a little bit more powerful than him at that time. But with a target such as Jiren, he might use all of his power to successfully erase Jiren.


Will this be allowed? It might be allowed by the two Zeno-chans as long as they’re entertained by it. But if not, the most positive thing that Universe 7 will have when Goku used this attack will be a bigger chance to win the tournament. He might be eliminated or erased because of using a forbidden technique, but at least he got rid of the biggest threat to Universe 7’s survival.

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This Is Why Goku And Vegeta Should Also Get Gohan’s Mystic Form

Gohan might not have the Super Saiyan Blue or the Super Saiyan God. But he got his own Mystic Form that he uses now and then. He is the only one who can use the Mystic Form, and this is why he’s different from other Earth Saiyans. Though Vegeta and Goku might have fancy SSB and SSG transformations, they should try to learn Gohan’s Mystic form, and here’s the reason why.


The reason is straightforward, and it makes sense. Mystic Form is a form that grows with your base form. And to improve your base form, you must train and train and train. Since this is what Goku and Vegeta always do, they will be benefitting more if they can have the Mystic Form. If that happens, they won’t even be needing to conserve stamina. Their transformations have been plaguing them both with stamina drain.


This is the difference of the Super Saiyan transformation and the Mystic Form. When you train, Mystic Form will be your base. You don’t have to transform to have a power boost. Meanwhile, Super Saiyan transformations only multiply your base into multipliers based on the transformation. The power boost will only be effective as long as your stamina can hold the transformation. That’s why when the Saiyans fight, they usually need Senzu beans to carry on.

The only downward of Mystic Form is that it deteriorates when the user is not training. Gohan was able to tap on his Super Saiyan form because SSJ something that can be achieved through the user’s will. Mystic Form is a high maintenance form that loses over time. But it is a good form if you want to conserve stamina without losing power.

Goku was supposed to have his own Mystic Form just before the Tournament of Power. But because there is no…

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