The Reason Why Caulifla and Kale Will Get Eliminated From The Tournament of Power

Caulifla and Kale

Caulifla and Kale both easily one of the strongest fighters at the Tournament of Power. When it comes to Universe 6, they’re close to bring the the strongest in the complete Universe.

Caulifla and Kale

I can think of very few from Universe 6 who are better than them, and further, they’re Saiyans. So, they’ll only get stronger from here. Each time they battle and recover, they’ll get even stronger than they were before. Both Caulifla and Kale and have terrific potential.

Caulifla was able to go Super Saiyan easily. She even asked Goku to teach her Super Saiyan God, but according to Goku, she just wasn’t ready yet. However, she did get to learn Super Saiyan 2 from Goku which is very powerful.

When it comes to Kale, she is a gifted Saiyan. It seems she’s different from the rest. She can transform into what is known as the “Berserker” form of Super Saiyan. Kale’s power is multiplied considerably when she is in this form. However, the one problem she had up until now was that she wasn’t able to control it.

Caulifla and Kale

In the Tournament of Power, she learned how to bring all of its power under her control, so now, she’s way better than she was before. Both Caulifla and Kale are serious contenders in the Tournament of Power. However, they’re clearly outclassed here. Akmg fighters like Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren, they probably stand no chance.

They’ve just learned about Super Saiyans, and granted, they can transform, but the biggest problem they have is Ki control. They just don’t know how to control their energy.

With Saiyans like Caulifla and Kale, it’s been like a day since they’ve learned about how to transform into a Super Saiyan. Caulifla even went SSJ 2 in such a short amount of time. Her body is not ready for maintaining it yet.

Apart from Roshi, they’re the only ones who have needed rest, which shows they lack stamina. Goku too, has transformed into Super Saiyan several times, but he doesn’t seem tired one bit. But, Caulifla and Kale clearly do. It just shows they lack proper training.

I have no doubt we might even see Caulifla unlocking the Super Saiyan 3 state, but I’m sure she won’t last. Both of the them have the save problem, and they’ll be exhausted soon, after which they’ll get eliminated.

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