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Frost Stole U7’s Most Dangerous Technique And Is Going To Eliminate Someone From U7

Frost Stole U7’s Most Dangerous Technique And Is Going To Eliminate Someone From U7

Viewers are going to see Master Roshi again in Dragon Ball Super. Universe 6’s Ice-jin Frost will be taking advantage of Master Roshi’s weakened state.


Frost, together will Magetta, will be cornering Master Roshi. Because of the desperate situation, Master Roshi would be using the Mafuba once again. There is a possibility that Master Roshi would be eliminated, or at worst case, he may die in the next episode.

Vegeta’s fans are worried because of the theories surrounding him in the tournament of power. He might be the next person to be eliminated if the theory about the ending song is true. Though the theory could be true or not, I’d rather see Vegeta still kicking near the end of the tournament. It is too early for him to be eliminated, and he still hasn’t shown what he got from his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. And in addition, Goku would be lonely without him.

There is something that concerns me though. Even though Vegeta might be fighting in the center of the stage, there is something that caught my eyes that spell “danger” for him. It seems like Frost will be attempting to use the Mafuba against someone. Mafuba is a great way to eliminate an enemy more powerful than you. Frost might be using the Mafuba against fighters like Goku or Vegeta. Though Vegeta is not “that” evil anymore, his pride is a bad trait that Vegeta still has.

That’s right, Frost might be using the Mafuba. His body glows like when Master Roshi is using the technique. He is also inside a green whirlwind light and his hands are raising upward. And in this next picture, his feet are next to the Mafuba container.

Frost does not even looked like being sucked inside the container. If someone like Frost can learn and use a technique like this in an instant, that’s something that Universe 7 warriors should worry about.

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Dragon Ball Super Episodes 107, 108, 109 Spoilers, Jiren Attacks, Frieza Betrays

The next episodes will be fantastic! Todd Blankenship has once again given the spoilers of the next episodes. The two ice-jins will be making their moves against the Universe 7 Z warriors. Gohan would be in action again, and he will be fighting with a strong opponent. Goku will have a back to back great battle. And after being ignored for awhile, Frieza, the Evil Emperor, would be having his moments of betrayal.


Episode 107 is titled ” Revenge F! A cunning trap is laid?!” which features Frost and Magetta. Universe 6 Kaioshin ordered Frost to defeat a Universe 7 warrior. And in effect, if Frost will succeed, he will be forgiven for his crimes. Also, he will also receive financial aid for starting up his business. With these things as an exchange, Frost immediately targetted the injured Master Roshi.

Episode 108 would feature the other Ice-jin. Titled “Frieza and Frost! Intersecting Evil?!”, Frieza will be hunting for his next opponent. At one point, he saw Gohan having a hard time with his opponent. The opponent was named as Jemez. While Jemez is beating Gohan around, Frieza just stares and smirked. With this act, the whole Universe 7 team feels uneasy with Frieza. The theory that Frieza will betray them at one point becomes even more possible.

Episode 109 has a very long title. Well, that’s because, in this episode, Jiren would be making his first move against Universe 7.

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dragon ball super episode 107. 108. 109

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 107, 108, 109 Spoilers, Jiren Attacks, Frieza Betrays

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