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This Is What Might Happen If Universe 7 Got Erased


From the perspective of the audience, it would certainly be terrible. All the characters we’ve come to love over the past 30+ years would be no more. At least, that’s what we expect would happen if the likes of Goku, Vegeta and 8 of our other fighters from Universe 7 were to ring out. But what if erasure meant something other than actually seizing to exist?


What if it meant following our heroes to a different dimension entirely? It could mean an entirely new direction to the Dragon Ball series. Which could include our heroes trying to make their way back to their loved ones. It could include our heroes battling new villains only found in what ever dimension they’ve found themselves in. Or it could even include our heroes trying to find a way out of what ever dimension they ended up in.

Those erased would include the likes of Beerus and everyone one else in Universe 7 including those already dead, like Pikkon. We could be introduced to battles across an entire Universe’s population, both dead and alive.

When we do enter this rabbit hole, we start to wonder if the other Universes could be also be in this dimensional limbo. Are they trying to escape their fates in some similar fashion? Aside from all these what ifs, there has to be something that follows this tournament. There are many theories surrounding the Grand Priest and the Angels plotting against the Omnikings and that being the driving plot device for what lies ahead. But a very possible situation is our heroes have the opportunity to rescue the Universes that have perished.

Clues for this may be in the current Dragon Ball Super outro. Our heroes are battle damaged, in what appears to be the rubble of the tournament’s battlefield. Rather than the void of space we see a blue sky with clouds. The likes of Krillin are among the fighters who appear to be facing off against a single opponent. A common assumption that is made is our heroes are facing the Grand Priest post tournament, but, maybe they have already been eliminated or maybe the tournament got cut short by some unforeseen circumstance.

After considering all of these situations, we ask many questions such as did the writers seriously let trillions of lives be wiped away at the hand of some omnipotent toddlers? Can what the Omniking does to these Universes ever be altered or undone? If Universe 7 survives could Goku and our heroes even stand a chance against The Grand Priest? And at the end of this arc will any of these questions be answered? Or with these be things left to the dimensional limbo of the blank sheet of paper, representative of what was never written? Toyataro and Toriyama, it is in your almighty hands.


The Real Reason Why Universe 4’s Mysterious Warriors Are Nowhere To Be Found

Even before the Tournament of Power started, Universe 4 got a lot of attention. Instead of ten warriors, they only got a total of eight. Tien Shinhan can feel two weak auras, but it is too faint to locate easily. The two hidden fighters were also not detected by Zeno-sama’s GodPad.

Two universes were erased, and almost half of the contestants were eliminated. While Universe 2, 6, 7, and 11 are getting the wheels spinning, Universe 3 and 4 is yet to have a screen time. But that might change in the next episode.

Master Roshi in Episode 105
Master Roshi in Episode 105

Episode 5 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled “A Desperate Battle! Master Roshi’s Sacrifice “. In this episode, Master Roshi will face Caway and other warriors of Universe 4. The Master will be seen to have a hard time. And in a desperate situation, it seems like Master Roshi will use the Evil Containment Wave.

Ganos from Universe 4
Ganos from Universe 4

Universe 4 has been quite laid back up until now. They do not play aggressively, avoiding the spotlight if needed. Some warriors will come in the spotlight next episode. But the most interesting thing about this Universe right now is the hidden warriors. Their identity was finally revealed on Twitter by DB Guru Ken Xyro.

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