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Boruto Uzumaki’s Jougan — All Abilities And Powers

Boruto Jougan Power And Abilities
Boruto Uzumaki’s Jougan

Boruto Episode 15 revealed Boruto Uzumaki’s Dōjutsu, Jougan. It also showcased some of it’s Abilities and Powers. Before we move forward to Jougan’s Ablities and Powers, let’s talk about Gozu Tennou. The episode has a lot to say about Kaguya Otsutsuki and her Secret Ninjutsu.

Danzo Shimura was very close to obtaining that so called Secret Ninjutsu. But before he could do anything, he was taken care of. Nue was the one that triggered Boruto’s Eye Jougan, Nue was beaten but Toneri Otsutsuki mentioned that it’s only temporary, that means we are going to be seeing Nue again in upcoming Boruto Episodes.

Jougan would automatically activate itself, whenever Nue showed up. That also means Jougan is somehow related to Nue and it’s dimension.

Toneri Otsutsuki
Toneri Otsutsuki

Toneri Otsutsuki revealed that Boruto’s eye’s name is Jougan. It means “Pure Eye”. Does that mean it is a pure Otsutsuki Eye? Otsutsuki Clan is shown to wield Rinnegan, Byakugan, Rinne-Sharingan and Sharingan. It could also means Jougan is one of the doujutsu possessed by Otsutsuki Clan.

In last Boruto episode, Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki were introduced, that means Otsutsuki Clan is alive and probably living in some other dimension.

Boruto’s Jougan: Abilities and Powers

Boruto Jougan Power And Abilities
Boruto Uzumaki’s Jougan

Boruto’s Eye looks extremely powerful. It’s first ability is to sense evil chakra, as it was confirmed during Ghost Incident – Nue Arc. It’s second ability is somewhat similar to the Hyuga Clan’s Byakugan, but more powerful. It can clearly see the key point in the chakra system, while Byakugan can’t.

Jougan’s strongest ability is the Space-Time Ninjutsu, it can see invisible barriers that connects between two dimensions. We won’t be seeing any additional powers from Boruto’s eye for now, since Toneri Otsutsuki mentioned that the path to Nue is closed for now.

Naruto Gaiden
Naruto Gaiden

Upcoming Arc in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is Naruto Gaiden, and it will be airing on August 9 as shown in Boruto August Schedule.

Boruto Uzumaki is yet to learn how to control his right eye, however by the time Kawaki invades Konoha, he seemed to have gained complete control of his eye and can activate it at will. If he wanna learn how to control his right eye, there’s no one else who can teach him, except for Sasuke Uchiha.

Let me know what you think about Boruto’s Jougan and It’s abilities and powers.

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