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Dragon Ball Super Jiren’s First Fight: Jiren vs Kale

Jiren Vs Kale!

The preview of Episode 100 has done nothing but hyped the whole tournament of power to a whole new level. We have a lot of things that are going on right now and at some point it is even hard to keep up with it. We may see in Episode 100 of Dragon Ball Super Jiren’s first fight: Jiren Vs Kale!

Jiren vs Kale

Super Saiyan Berserk Kale unleashes her power at the start of Tournament of Power! So many Fights namely- Jiren vs Kale, Vegeta vs Cabba, Goku vs Caulifla, and maybe Jiren vs Hit!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Predictions will blow your mind!

Today we will be breaking down the preview for you guys and we might have some really interesting facts about Kale towards the ending of this article so keep reading. We have the beginning of the preview, which shows us Kale being attacked by some red colored creature ( probably of Universe 10 ), well the pawns who are meant to be taken out soon, But that’s not it. It seems she is been attacked by a team of minimum two people. It requires a little close observation but it does make sense when you are fighting a Battle Royal.

We see a lot of battle ground damage. So we are sure that there is going to be an increase in power level and energy blast. I am predicting this could majorly be from the energy blast we see Kale throwing off in all directions.

So most of the next episode we will be seeing Saiyans from different Universes fighting. A clash between two of the strongest (Hit vs Jiren maybe) and well, Cabba, Kale and Caulifla. I am not saying they are weak or something but just that they got the transformation too easily. I mean tingly feeling on the back? Seriously? You would know why I was disappointed if you sat through the million episodes of dragon ball Z, Frieza arc, waiting for Goku to transform into Super Saiyan one!

Super Saiyan one

Well, what’s done is done, we have Goku acknowledging the unbelievable power of Super Saiyan 2, while we see him fight Caulifla. I don’t really think she will survive much into the 48 mins of the fight. Then we have Kale with her Super Saiyan Berserker form! She seems really powerful, More than we saw last time.

We are tricked into believing that Hit will be fighting Jiren, well no. He might be fighting Vegeta and that is the reason he falls to the ground while we see Cabba approach him for a fight. It is confirmed that Jiren will be the one who will knock Kale down the stage, and it will happen quite fast.


Fan theories say the only reason kale is introduced with such great power is to show the audience that how powerful Jiren is. Could this form of Kale be the true form of a Saiyan?- Goku says. The one true legendary Super Saiyan? Well we have some sources saying that she is going to be mad at Goku for some reason and they two might fight for a while too.

Goku doesn’t really want to use his blue form as it takes on a good amount of stamina from the body, I find that unlikely when he will be fighting that huge uncontrollable Saiyan. He says he is going to let out more power, so I am pretty certain this is the time we will start seeing the change in phase approaching to his ‘New Form’.

New Form

So can Goku stand a chance while fighting Kale? Perhaps yes. Kale does not have much exprience fighting, yes, that is a lot of energy blast which probably will be taking down many not-so-needed fighters from the stage but it’s Son Goku, he has seen worse.

I speculate she is going to take down many warriors with one or more blows from Universe 11 and that will force Jiren to open his eyes and bam! he doesn’t take much time to knock her out of the stage. Whatever happens, they will surely make Episode 100 worth something to remember.

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