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Is Legendary Sannin Orochimaru Immortal? Explained


There has been loads of talk about Orochimaru has his Immortality. He has been in the centre of the stage since the beginning. He always lurked in the background trying not to make so much noise to not get captured. This guy is a genius even in his youth he was a prodigy, he is a mastermind, has strategies coming out of his nose, but today we will be talking about if it is possible that he is Immortal.

Orochimaru attacks Itachi

Let us start from the beginning… Orochimaru wants to be immortal just for one reason, he wanted to learn all the world’s secrets. To achieve that, he created the Living Corpse Reincarnation. This technique is basically finding a body that he can transfer his soul into it. Once every 3 years he needed to replace the body as the body gets weaker and weaker. It is thought that if you find the correct body you can live a full lifetime in it.

Sasuke Defeats Orochimaru

To perform this technique, Orochimaru reveals a huge white snake made up of smaller white snakes by abandoning his own body and then swallows whole the victim. By taking the victim’s soul to a plane and defeating him he may be able to imprison their soul and govern the body, transforming their face into getting his features on the victim’s face and leaves their soul imprisoned inside him.

The Curse Mark is the most important thing so that Orochimaru can be revived and be immortal. The curse mark is not just a mark but a portion of Orochimaru’s soul. If all people with the curse mark should die and even Orochimaru would eventually die.

Orochimaru Attacks Tobi

Sasuke managed to revive Orochimaru by using the Evil Releasing Technique by mixing Kabuto Yakushi’s modified flesh, using white zetsu body containing Hashirama’s cells and the Cursed Seal of Heaven on Anko Mitarashi, Orochimaru could be revived. If the cursed seal mark is in existence on somebody’s body, Orochimaru can be revived again and again as in the cursed seal mark there is a part of Orochimaru’s consciousness.

After gaining a white Zetsu’s body, being stronger than the host bodies he used to have he maybe doesn’t need to change bodies every 3 years.

oro sasuke

After seeing Sasuke’s ambition, he is no longer needing the Living Corpse Reincarnation, but now he is making clones like Shin Uchiha and Mitsuki. The question relies here… Is he trying to have a backup plan like he did with Sasuke and Kabuto to change bodies? Or he found a new technique better than the Living Corpse reincarnation so that he can be Immortal for good without changing as much bodies?

Sasuke’s ambition

That’s it from me. Hope you enjoyed it and please comment below with your thoughts.

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