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11 One Piece Characters Who Has Awakened Devil Fruits


On my last post, I explained the Awakening and how it might affect different devil fruit types and talked about One Piece characters who officially had an awakening. Today I will be discussing 11 Devil Fruit Users who had an awakening. We all know how Oda like to foreshadow and leave small hints to upcoming events.

So here are the top characters who probably achieved Awakening for their Devil Fruits:

Awakened Zoan types can withstand huge amount of damage dealt to them. Even after they seem to have been dealt with and dead, Zoans can almost revive from huge attacks just like the Awakened Jailer Beasts. 2 Character that might have succeeded in achieving Awakening are:


Having a dumb looking face, he is quite ferocious in his attacks. He ate an unknown devil fruit that makes him turn into a cow.



Like all Mino he is one of the 5 Jailer Beasts. He also ate an unknown devil like the rest that makes hin turn into a rhino.



Like the rest of the Jailer Beasts, this guy can recover quite fast while having a snot nose and the same uncontrollable blood lust to torture inmates.



With his luscious hair and shy personality, he is one fearsome and brutal opponent. He ate an unknown devil fruit that turns him into a zebra, the Jailer Beasts fear Sadi for their failure to capture Luffy and the others.



As this guy appeared just after the timeskip, we do not know for certain that he is awakened but as the rest of the Jailer Beasts share the same characteristic he may also be awakened. He uses his rope to hang and torture prisoners.




There was a ticking time bomb that will obliterate Alabasta but in the last seconds Pell grabbed it and took off in the air. After the bomb detonated, we thought he is done for but at the end he survived and seen his own grave.



Yeah, I know this might seem crazy. His original devil fruit allows him to have 3 transformations but with the help of the rumble ball he could access 7 forms pre-time skip. After the time skip he only uses the rumble ball for Monster point. The rumble ball is a mean to achieve awakening faster. My guess, he will achieve full awakening when he doesn’t need the rumble ball and a time limit for his Monster Point.

In the category of Paramecia, we know of Donquixote Doflamingo achieving Awakening. The Awakening of Paramecia is achieved when the can affect their surrounding area by the type of devil fruit they have, DD turned buildings into string to fight Luffy’s Gear 4.7



Magellan’s awakening power is different from DD. Instead of turning buildings in venom he can produce access venom and finally turning it into a venom demon that he can control by the movements he makes and possibly by mentally controlling it. When Luffy was fighting Magellan with the help of Mr. 3’s wax wax fruit he could fight without being poisoned from the venom but as Magellan was preparing the Venom Demon the wax from Champion Stamp got affected by the venom so my guess is that this final form of Venom Demon is his awakened state.

The Logia-type awakening so far is all conspiracy. As we have seen and know that paramecia and zoan can achieve awakening, logia-types should have that ability too. As I wrote on my last post, the most probable awakening would be to affect the climate and temperature of the surrounding area and it could affect the area for a prolonged period even years after they are gone. It depends on the awakening stage you are in.

Awakening in real life is a sudden realisation that will change your future. If you achieve awakening but continue the things in your past you will never be awakened. You will be awakened after you start working on it. Awakening will only happen if you work harder and harder into achieving your desires. The same in One Piece the more you work on your awakening the stronger and better you get.



rocodile said it himself that he achieved perfection of his devil fruit meaning he was awakened. He also said that it’s not how strong the df is but how you use it to perfect it that makes it strong. For example: If once Crocodile ate his devil fruit he started a small business of selling sand in a bottle or a gym instructor and started removing access water in your body he would never awakened his ability but working on his devil fruit and mastering it, he was able to awaken his true power.





If this theory is correct than Akainu and Aokiji are the best contenders for this theory as their abilities changed the climate in Punk Hazard to be half ice and half burning fire with volcanoes. Their fight happened for 10 days straight and after 2 years when the Strawhats landed on Punk Hazard still had the aftermath effects of their fight.

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