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Fairy Tail Manga Ending, Anime Final Season Premiers In 2018!

Fairy Tail Manga Ending, Anime Final Season Premiers In 2018

Fairy Tail manga has ended today on July 22, 2017 with the chapter 545 – Irreplaceable Friends. It was a 11 year journey which has ended today. It was good series with a satisfying and ‘Fairy Tail’ kind of end. The chapter starts with a time skip of 1 year and Lucy narrating about how many things have changed. Lucy has won an award thanks to her books she has published. She tells about different characters moving on with life and focuses on the romantic couples which have grown a lot closer since the war has ended.

It’s the year X793 and Lucy has become a fully fledged author. She has written a book named “Iris’s Adventure” which has won the Kem Zaleon prize for the best new author! She’s at a party along with her friends from the fairy tail guild. Everyone’s having a good time at the party.

Fairy Tail Manga Ending

Lucy observed that romance is building up and many couples are getting closer than ever. She notices Gajeel and Levy have grown closer. Suddenly Wendy and Lucy hear something along the words ‘baby’.

This brings the fact that Gajeel and Levy are probably gonna become parents. Lucy and Wendy over heard them in the party. Gray and Juvia has gotten a lot closer then before. Gray now sees Juvia as a proper woman now and considers her his only which makes Juvia very happy.

On the other hand Laxus is just acting like a stud, flirting with 3 girls all at the same time. The 3 girls are Mira, Lissana and Cana. There’s a great news for Erza as well. Jellal and his companions, more like his whole guild is pardoned by the royal kingdom and has removed their criminal records. Erza has started to take care of her more now and is still waiting for Jellal.

The master is back to life again but his legs aren’t the same as before. Well he’s alive so that’s the important thing. He’s as cheerful as ever.

Mavis and Zeref are reincarnated in the world. Their names are Mio and Arleos respectfully. Maybe they could be the next story Mashima sensei’s working on!

Lucy later passes out after drinking too much alcohol and Natsu carries her home with Happy. She wakes up next morning thinking that last night was just a dream but…. there’s Natsu sitting in the bedroom just like it was in the start of the manga. Lucy starts crying and thanks Natsu and Happy for meeting her. If that encounter didn’t happen she would not be in Fairy Tail right now.

The chapter then ends with some more heartwarming conversation between Lucy and Natsu. When Lucy thinks Natsu is gonna confess, he brings her out where Gray, Erza and Wendy are waiting. They are waiting for Lucy and Natsu as to go on a new mission. No one has attempted this mission before. The ‘Hundred-Year Quest’ and the last chapter ends.

Fairy Tail Anime Final Season Starts in 2018!

Hiro Mashima sensei releases the following news on twitter which confirms that the final season of the fairy tail anime will go on air in 2018. It’s been a long and enjoyable ride. I hope all the fairy tail fans loved the series and would support Mashima sensei for his future works as well. Let’s support and hope that his next work would be even a greater master piece than Fairy Tail!

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