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Upcoming Arcs of Dragon Ball Super – Explained


With recent news of Super being extended and most likely not going anywhere anytime soon, one of the big questions right now is “What is the next Dragon Ball Super Arc?” And I may have some information on that!

Now that were getting more and more deeper in to the Universal Survival Arc and things are starting to pick up. Is it possible that the time given when the Universal Survuval Arc ends which is in November will be entirely spent on the Tournament of Power? Or is there possibly something else in the works?

We may have the real meaning of the Survival Arc which is the Angel and God War! Could the Great Priest actually be evil? Could he want his children to not be slaves to the God’s of Destruction? There just might be a war going on under the surfice. There is a lot pointing at the High Priest being evil and possibly the upcoming villain. This is Dragon Ball after all and we need villains. You may say Jiren is the next target but he’s not a villain. He’s just the next stepping block for Goku like Hit was.

We have seen many hints pointing at the High Priest being shown as a classic villain in Japanese Anime and Manga. The Great Priest has grown tired of being a servant to 2 children and having his children being inslaved to beings lesser then themselves. This is going to make the Great Priest revolt and order his children to attack the God’s of Destruction and take over Zeno.

Another possible Arc is “Frieza the God of Destruction?!” Yes you herd it right! I am saying Frieza will become a God of Destruction which will lead to a new Arc where we finally see our Warriors travel to a new Universe other then the World of Void. And I’ll give you proof.

In epiodes leading up to the start of the Tournament of Power when Goku was recruiting Frieza and they were jumped by the Warriors of Universe 9. Frieza was able to withstand a God of Destruction “Hakia” blast like it was nothing, and then was able to manipluate it. Then when talking to Rowe and Sidra, Rowe made a comment that “Frieza would make a better God of Destruction then you Sidra”. We have yet to even see what Frieza’s new limit is, and you know he would take up that offer if ever given the chance!

Last possible Arc is “The Clash with other Universes”. This has to be on here because no matter what if all these other Universes in the Tournament of Power end up being erased that still leaves us with 4 Universes left unexplained and left with no development. Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12 that are not participating and therefore perfect choices for upcoming Arcs! Could we see a new rivalry between our Universe and one of the Universes not participating? Is that mortal Whis mentioned being “stronger then a God of Destruction” be in one of those 4 Universes? It wouldn’t make sense why the writers would introduce all the Universes and not give all of them some development at some point in time, like in a upcoming Arc.

After seeing the 3 God’s of Destruction that represent 3 of the 4 Universes not participating in the Tournament of Power we all recieved some insight on the God’s of Destruction of those Universes and their different power levels. A new Arc based around these Universes would give us more insight and knowledge on these Universes and exactly why they were exempt from the Tournament of Power and why Geene wouldn’t test the Tournament of Power’s arena with the other God’s of Destruction


The Real Reason Why Universe 4’s Mysterious Warriors Are Nowhere To Be Found

Even before the Tournament of Power started, Universe 4 got a lot of attention. Instead of ten warriors, they only got a total of eight. Tien Shinhan can feel two weak auras, but it is too faint to locate easily. The two hidden fighters were also not detected by Zeno-sama’s GodPad.

Two universes were erased, and almost half of the contestants were eliminated. While Universe 2, 6, 7, and 11 are getting the wheels spinning, Universe 3 and 4 is yet to have a screen time. But that might change in the next episode.

Master Roshi in Episode 105
Master Roshi in Episode 105

Episode 5 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled “A Desperate Battle! Master Roshi’s Sacrifice “. In this episode, Master Roshi will face Caway and other warriors of Universe 4. The Master will be seen to have a hard time. And in a desperate situation, it seems like Master Roshi will use the Evil Containment Wave.

Ganos from Universe 4
Ganos from Universe 4

Universe 4 has been quite laid back up until now. They do not play aggressively, avoiding the spotlight if needed. Some warriors will come in the spotlight next episode. But the most interesting thing about this Universe right now is the hidden warriors. Their identity was finally revealed on Twitter by DB Guru Ken Xyro.

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The Real Reason Why Universe 4’s Mysterious Warriors Are Nowhere To Be Found


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