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Top 10s Fans Want To See In The Universal Survival Arc

Gohan and Goku – Dragon Ball Super
Gohan and Goku – Dragon Ball Super

Today we will be listing 10 things Dragon Ball Super fans are eager to see in Universal Survival Arc. Let’s start without any further delay.

1. Less Goku

Super Saiyan God Goku after saving Hit from Dyspo’s attack
Super Saiyan God Goku after saving Hit from Dyspo’s attack

I know. It’s Dragon Ball. Even Toriyama himself couldn’t convince his editors to use less Goku. He of course is the main character of every single DB Series. But couldn’t we give it a rest? My favorite episode so far in the Universe Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super is Episode 104, where Hit fights Dyspo. There was no Goku in this for half of the episode, and then Goku shows up, and by his seemingly endless supply of energy, finishes Hit’s fight for him. This is Hit everyone, the character Goku had to go into SSJB Kaioken to beat. A character perfectly capable of beating the likes of both Dyspo and Kunshi.

2. More of the Universe 7 Fighters


While Goku is all over the fighting rink taking on opponents every where, where is everybody else? Episodes seem to be set up as, here is the Gohan episode, here is the Krillin episode, here is the Roshi episode…See a pattern? The fighters are more spread out than I would have liked. Before people start getting knocked out again, I’d like more cooperation. Like what we saw between 18 and Krillin, or what Gohan and Piccolo were practicing while training.

3. More Hit

If you couldn’t tell from my ranting and raving about episode 104, I’m a big fan of hit. Not just his power and abilities, but also his attitude, his back story, his motivations and how he interacts with other characters. As much as I’d hate to watch Universe 6 go, I know it’s a strong possibility. I hope before that happens, Hit has a lot of moments the audience can savor.

4. Other Universes Fighting

This was something I was really looking forward to at the beginning of the Universe Survival Arc. All the fighters were fighting each other…something you would expect to see through out the tournament, but thanks to the likes of spinning top robots and Kaulifa rage attacks, the playing field has been shattered, scattering the fighters. Now it just seems like fighters are sneaking around rubble trying to sneak up on each other. This honestly feels more like Naruto than Dragon Ball.

5. Toppo to Actually Fight


Dypso, Jiren and Toppo, the only Pride Troopers left in the Tournament of Power
In the practice tournament, Toppo fought Goku. In that fight, Goku had to go SSJB Kaioken to win. Since then Goku has picked up a habbit of constantly transitioning into and out of SSJB, so I think we are starting to underestimate the strength of SSJB. But any one who needs Goku to go to that far in power to be beaten is a real powerhouse. Who, it seems could beat most of the characters on the field, including Golden Frieza and Vegeta. It’d be a real waste to have Toppo only fight for a few minutes and then be knocked out.

4. Golden Frieza to Showcase His Power and Merciless Nature

frieza dragon ball super
Frieza dragon ball super

call me sadistic, but I honestly want Frieza to be ripping limbs off of characters. At the beginning of the Tournament, he was having fun by torturing his opponents, and he’s still in his base form! You’re telling me, you went all the way into hell, and made a deal with one of the nastiest villains in all of animated history, to just have him not showcased in this? Perhaps he’ll even turn on Goku again, one can only hope.

3. Cabba

Vegeta vs. Cabba
Vegeta vs. Cabba

Where is Cabba? Wasn’t Cabba one of the greatest Saiyan warriors in his Universe? Why is he sidelined now to Kale and Kaulifa? Who are just hiding behind rocks for 3 episodes? I need that second fight between Cabba and Vegeta.

2. A break from the Tournament

This is my most left field choice, but we’ve had about 10 episodes of non stop action over the course of 10 minutes of fighting in the tournament. By that math it will be nearly a year before the tournament is over, and we still have to solve the whole Grand Priest/Angel’s scheme before we return to Earth. Can we at least get some interaction between the Angels of the dead Universes. I seriously wouldn’t mind an entire episode dedicated to what would happen if Chi Chi found out about the tournament, or Yamcha and how he’s dealing with not being selected, or if Hercule can keep his mouth shut about possible Universal erasure.

1. Fusion


That’s right, you heard me, Fusion. I was not elated when I found out about the new transformation. It’s a trope that has mixed feelings in the dragon ball community and understandably so. I am hoping for SSJB Gogeta as how we beat Jiren, but if Vegeta gets knocked out, let Goku and Gohan fuze. It makes more sense to have two powerful characters fuze to beat Jiren than having to resort to yet another transformation. But, I’m still optimistic. This could actually be the last transformation in dragon ball, and maybe the only one Goku gets to keep for himself.

That’s it for my post, let me know if you have any post request or suggestions.

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