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One Piece Chapter 877 Spoilers And Sabo’s Bounty Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 877 Sabo Bounty

Hi everyone, in today’s list I will be spilling out some spoilers about One Piece Chapter 877 and Sabo’s Bounty.

Charlotte Pudding

To all those fans who haven’t read the manga and watch only the anime, here is one big spoiler Charlotte Pudding isn’t the cute and wonderful person you think she is. She has a split personality, one side is the side we have seen so far in the anime, the other side is a murderous and enjoys blood spilling. She even wants Sanji and the Strawhats killed by Big Mom.

Jinbe is Still Alive

After Jinbe told Big Mom he is going to quit from being her subordinate, Big Mom brought out a roulette with parts of limbs she will cut off or kill him, the roulette is rigged to ensure that the victim pays the ultimate price but in the manga, he is seen helping the Strawhats to run away from Big Mom. The only reason he is still alive is because he is not afraid of Big Mom and her ability to steal his lifespan away from cannot work if he doesn’t fear her.

Zeus the Cloud betrays Big Mom

Big Mom has the ability to freely interact with and manipulate souls and zeus is a special homie thundercloud. Big Mom summons him from her left arm, Zeus is special as it received a soul fragment directly from Big Mom, making it part of Big Mom.

Zeus got addicted to Nami’s Thunder Breed Tempo and keeps following her and disobeying Big Mom’s orders. Prometheus is a special homie, he is the sun following Big Mom around he is summoned from her right hand and received a soul fragment directly from her.


Now, this is just my speculation but Prometheus might do the same as Zeus if Nami uses her Gust Sword which is a powerful gust of wind attack with Prometheus would love as more air means more flames or else if she uses Heat Egg which is a heat attack that harm even the snow woman Monet.

Big Mom’s and Streusen’s Age

Streusen is currently Big Mom’s head chef and is 65 years old whilst Charlotte Linlin also known as Big Mom is 68. Streusen is the only person alive that knows exactly what happened to Carmel and how Big Mom took her power. Even Big Mom doesn’t have a clue to what happened to her.

The interesting thing is that Big Mom is 68 but has 85 children, 39 being daughters and 46 sons. Having 43 ex-husbands, how can she have all these children and be only 68? The only answer is she uses her soul soul devil fruit to rejuvenate herself and can do it to others too.


Before joining forces and being a co-founder of the Big Mom Pirates with a 6-year-old Charlotte Linlin meaning 63 years ago Streusen is seen as a grown adult with dark hair but lacked a moustache. The only 2 options are either she can rejuvenate or she can slow down the aging process.

Pedro’s attempt to save the Strawhats

Pedro has already been on the Whole Cake Island before, searching for the Ponegliff that Big Mom holds in her hand. He wants to steal it and it is part of the plan. On his last attempt, he wasn’t able to achieve the mission but he came up with a better plan to at least help the Strawhats gaining the upper hand. Pedro knows what Perospero’s power is and how he uses it as probably he was the one who has defeated him before.


While Big Mom is chasing the Strawhats and Katakuri is on the Thousand Sunny, they have nowhere to run apart from heading to the sea but Katakuri and Perospero knew what might happen and planned this beforehand. As Luffy reaches the Sunny, he ends up fighting Katakuri the mochi mochi devil fruit power. Perospero, orders his subordinates to surround the coast with their ships, Pedro turns on carrot and tells her not to be alarmed by what is going to happen, he then tries to use a bomb on Perospero but in the manga is not clear what happens next. I think Perospero is still alive. We have to wait and see as the manga is on break

Katakuri vs Luffy

This is one of the most anticipated fights and exciting period even though we will have to wait a bit longer to see the fight as Oda stated they will have a short break. At the arrival of Luffy on the Thousand Sunny seeing Katakuri, Perospero and the Sunny damaged he is going to get mad and needing less to say he will fight Katakuri to get revenge.

One Piece Chapter 877 Sabo Bounty

Katakuri has a billion-berry bounty on his head, he is a very powerful guy, with just flicking a jellybean he can killing anyone from a long distance. He can project jellybeans just like bullets. He defeats Vinsmoke Ichiji with very little effort in just a matter of seconds. An expert of Kenbunshoku Haki like Luffy barely had any time to react to his attack.

Sabo’s Bounty

Thanks to YonkouProd for the scan.

Finally, Sabo’s bounty will be released on the Chapter 877 as we managed to see a leak from the next episode of One Piece. He is the second in command of the Revolutionary Army, he has sneaked his way and shown immense potential throughout his actions. He has the bounty of 602,000,000 berries.


Even though it is kind of low to what he actually is capable of, most fans will say that this bounty is too low for him but I believe that this bounty is mostly because he is known actions and that he joined the Most Dangerous Man in the World.


His skill and how dangerous he is, is also taken into consideration but his bounty is a bit low, the reason we all see it low as Katakuri and Cracker’s bounty were presented before and are higher, maybe his bounty is low as he has done less damage than the Charlottes.

Do not forget the bounty reflects to what the pirates have done and is known that they’ve done but doesn’t mean that most of Sabo’s action are in plain sight like Luffy’s. If you think his bounty will remain this way, think twice he always has Luffy’s back and is bound to get higher.


That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the spoilers and Sabo’s bounty. Hope to see you on the next one.

Monkey D. Luffy Is Dying In One Piece

In today’s list, I will be talking about the top reason why Monkey D. Luffy is dying, what has shortened his life so much and what is going to happen to him.

Monkey D Luffy Gear 5

1. Gears 2 & 3

During the Enies Lobby Arc, Robin Lucci pointed out that Luffy Gear 2, is shortening his life by using it as it strains his body to another level. The good news post time-skip, Luffy has managed to master his Gears and won’t shorten his life like before. Have you noticed after using 3rd Gear, he doesn’t shrink anymore?

2. Magellan’s Hydra

Luffy wanted to liberate Ace from Impel Down but he ended up fighting Magellan, he wanted to know how he could infiltrate Impel Down. Luffy not wanting to sell out his friend Boa Hancock, didn’t sell her out. During their fight Luffy started hitting Magellan but only injuring himself with Magellan’s Hydra, he also breathed out a Poison Cloud into the air which made Luffy weaker and weaker until he couldn’t fight anymore, his body started failing him and couldn’t move. Magellan covered Luffy’s body with Hydra and told him he only had 24 hours to live.

3. Emporio Ivankov’s Healing Hormone

After the incident with Magellan, Luffy was being cured by Emporio Ivankov by giving him the Healing Hormone alongside Tension Hormone. The Healing Hormone cuts 10 years lifespan on the receiver so Luffy had 10 years removed from him. The Tension Hormone have 2 side effects, one feeling tired after it wears out and feeling nauseous. Receving one shot from the Tension Hormone will give that effect but Luffy has 2 shots which after it’s effect he couldn’t move at all and the Healing Hormone. I believe it removed more than just 10 years from him as his body was already decaying from poison and over use from all the adrenaline he received.

4. Gear 4

Whilst in Rusukaina, Luffy managed to master Gear 2 and 3rd. Luffy uses 2nd Gear for a shorter period just several seconds than before as he knows it takes a lot of energy and he could use that energy for Gear 4 when encountering deadly opponents. He also mastered 3rd Gear as after he uses it, he doesn’t shrink but with Gear 4 he has a time limit on it. This shows us that he still hasn’t mastered it yet and decreases his lifespan. The reason being, he hasn’t controlled the full potential of Gear 4 and this will lead into misuse and damaging himself in the process.


5. Bonus: What Will Happen To Him?
Since the beginning of One Piece, we have seen Monkey D. luffy pushing himself to the limit numerous times and this will have a major effect on his decreasing lifespan. Will he die from an incurable disease due to his overuse of his powers?

Continue reading the post.

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