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Frieza’s Fate In Tournament of Power


I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was completely shocked when Goku thought of Frieza for the 10th spot for the Universe 7 team for the Tournament of Power. Frieza is a character who you can really only count on 1 thing from.. Chaos!

So knowing who Frieza is as a character, what could potentially happen to Frieza in the Tournament of Power if he happens to forget where he is, and gets up to his old tricks again. There is already hints of that in previous episodes like Frieza and Frost teaming up or Frieza looking to the Zeno’s and vowing to “one day rule over you all?”

Fate number 1: Frieza is erased by the Great Priest!

This one to me is the most likely of happening. It seems as of lately, Frieza has found a new sense of confidence after being able to retain that “Hakai Blast” of Sidra’s. What makes me think Frieza will make some move is Frieza looking up at the Zeno’s and saying he, himself will rule! We all have got to know that Frieza would not be able to get to the Zeno’s with the barrier, the bodyguards, and the Great Priest himself. So if Frieza was overly confident like we have seen before, I’m sure the Great Priest would not have a hard time erasing Frieza once and for all.


Fate number 2: Frieza the God of Destruction!

Yes, Frieza the God of Destruction! This was hinted back when Goku was recruiting Frieza to be the 10th and final member for Universe 7. When Frieza was able to contact Universe 9’s Rowe and Sidra, Rowe commented saying to Sidra “He’s more of a God of Destruction then you are Sidra!”. That coming from a Supreme Kai, even a petty one means a lot seeing how Supreme Kai’s are the other half for the Gods of Destruction.


Something can go down where a God of Destruction from another Universe acts out, upsets the Zeno’s or even the Great Priest and they “relieve” that God of Destruction of their duties and erase them. Knowing Frieza he would jump at the chance to rule as a God of Destruction! We all know he can wield the “Hakai” energy.


Fate number 3: Frieza kills the Zeno’s!

I know I said in Fate 1, that it would be near impossible to kill the Zeno’s but there is 1 way that Frieza could pull this off. If we all remember Goku still has the Zeno Button! Goku tried giving it to Baba for bringing back Frieza for the day, and she refused. We haven’t seen or herd of a mention of Goku putting it down anywhere. Which means Goku still has the button that can bring the Zeno’s to the button, or the user to the Zeno’s. If Frieza were to get a hold of this button, he could instantly kill the Zeno’s. It seems the Zeno’s need time to power up their attack to erase, which would give Frieza plenty of time to fill them with “Death Beams”!

So these are my theories of what could happen to Frieza by the end of the Tournament. We all know he’s up to no good, and there will be consequences for this, but what? What do you think will happen to Frieza? Continue the conversation by leaving your thoughts, and opinions in the comments below! As always thanks for reading!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Major Spoilers

The talk about betrayal is currently hot in the Dragon Ball Super. Since the ice-jin Frost started his mission last episode, fans are anticipating his next move. And it is not surprising that Frieza would be with Frost in their next disruption of the Tournament of Power. This is not a good thing as they both hate Universe 7 participants.

Their next target would be Gohan, who was put into a tight spot by Jimeze of Universe 2. This odd event will be the first time two members of the same universe will be fighting to eliminate one. There is still no clue on what will Frieza gain by working with Frost to eliminate Universe 7 warriors. His main drive is because he hates all of his teammates right now, especially Son Goku.

Frieza VS Gohan was hinted next episode. These two warriors have a very bad past. Gohan was there in the Namekian mission and witnessed first hand how Frieza killed his father’s best friend, Krillin. The problem about this battle is that Universe 7 will not gain anything in this fight. In the worst case, they might find themselves one warrior less after the fight. They would take more damage if Gohan will be the one to fall in the tournament of power.

The craziest thing about this ice-jin alliance is that both Frost and Frieza obviously do not trust each other. There is a big chance that the two will be betraying each other in the end. Though it is quite obvious who will win against Frost and Frieza, in all honesty…

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