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Five Things We Learned On Dragon Ball Super Episode 107


There are only 35 warriors left in the Tournament of Power. Universe 7 lost three of it’s (bald) warriors. There’s no news about Android 17 and Android 18, and it seems like they won’t be having any appearance next episode. But what we learned on the last episode will give us the insight about the next episodes to come.

Jiren is now gearing to fight in the Tournament of Power


After a lot of episodes wasted on silently standing with Toppo and Dypso, the Tournament of Power seen Jiren fighting someone for the first time. It was also the first time that we have seen Jiren’s physical strength. Even Goku was intimidated by the impact of Jiren’s punch which even went as far as the spectator’s bench.


Goku VS Jiren battle is near and it is expected that we will see their individual strengths in the next episode. Possibly, more about Jiren’s power will be revealed to build the hype. Is Jiren really that strong? We will find out in the next episodes.

Master Roshi is a great loss to Universe 7

Master Roshi

Master Roshi might be the oldest in the bunch, but he showed that he is still one of the strongest people on Earth. Afterall, he eliminated a bunch of Universe 4 warriors. His Ki manipulation is also topnotch, as seen on how he rescued Vegeta.


The target could escape Mafuba, it can also be reflected


Mafuba is a technique that Master Roshi uses when he is pitted against a more powerful opponent. It is also a perfect technique to get rid of an enemy like Magetta. At the last moment, just before the wave hit the target, Frost intercepted the Mafuba and redirected it to Vegeta. It was never done before, so Frost deserves a cookie (or a planet, or something).


Mafuba also missed when Roshi failed to contain Frost in the wave. It is noteworthy to say that the Mafuba is more effective if the target has lower power than the caster.

This is not the last time we would see Frost VS Vegeta

Frost VS Vegeta

This is not the last time that Frost will try to disrupt Universe 7 warriors. He will be teaming up with Frieza in the next episode to give Gohan a very hard time. It was seen that Frost is holding a Death Ball while Frieza is walking away. Will Frost betray Frieza and vice versa? We’ll find out next episode.

Vegeta is extremely careless and extremely lucky


Vegeta is a great battle tactician. With experiences as a soldier and his royal training, Vegeta can manage to get out of tight spots. What’s not good about him is his do or die altitude. He is careless and reckless, always the first one attacking the opponent without. And his emotional impulses can be exploited by schemers such as Frieza or Frost.

Frieza or Frost

I doubt he ever enjoyed his stay in the Mafuba Jar. But it is not his misfortune that makes him lucky this episode. He survived the attack of theories. He was not eliminated. Though he almost hit the void, Master Roshi was smart enough to trick the schemer. Overall, he is a very lucky one. I’m hoping that his luck will not run out before the tournament ends.

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Why Killing Is Not Allowed In Tournament Of Power

There are only three solid rules in the Tournament of Power. The first one is you need to ring out opponents to count an elimination. The second one is no weapon will be allowed during the tournament. And last but not the least is that no killing is allowed, and anyone who kills will be disqualified.

This affected a lot of things in the Tournament of Power. And the most obvious effect of this rule is the handicap for the likes of Hit and Frieza who are experts in the killing. If this rule is nonexistent, you would see a lot of bodies flying right now in the arena which was done by Frieza. And instead of asking who would fall next every week, Dragon Ball Super fans will be guessing who will be dead next. I won’t come into more details, but I guess you get the picture.


It is not easy to guess if the Great Priest or the two Zeno-chans are the ones who thought about the tournament rules. But because the two Zeno-chans only displayed naivety, the Great Priest is our best bet.


Frieza will start his rampage, Hit will kill anyone who he thinks will be a threat for Universe 6’s survival, and Krillin won’t be able to see Universe 2 Kamikaze Fireballs transform. Bodies will be flying everywhere while the Pride Troopers debate…

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