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Dia Horizon Project to premiere in October says Square Enix

Dia Horizon Project Anime

Dia Horizon Project multimedia Project by Square Enix was announced today. This Anime will be produced in installments and it’s first part consists of an Anime that will premiere in October.According to sources this Anime is about a boy and a girl with intertwined lives. The project’s official website released a promotional video.

Dia Horizon Project Promotional Video

What is beyond the farthest horizon?
The final sea
Death… Hope…
The girl who carried the furthest secret by birth.
For the girl… dreaming and living freely was not allowed.
A word like freedom was nothing but longing.
She was made to live in a closed and narrow world.
Even dying and living were chosen by someone.

So I thought.
If it’s that we were given only poor scenarios from God,
I want to share death with you, not someone.I want to give half my life to her.
Even if it was sharing death.
That’s why I’ll walk with you.
Beyond that horizon.
We met and shared two lives with one death.

The above words are heard in the promotional video. The Protagonists in this anime are a boy and a girl. The anime is mainly about a girl who is born with an unknown birthright and does not control her life nor her death and a boy who wants to share half of his destiny with her.

Dia Horizon Project Anime

The image shows that this anime is a fantasy genre with a bit(or a lot)of action and the mention of the presence of gods in this anime does anything but deny the action we are all looking forward to.Well i am quite eager to see this new anime as Square Enix is quite well known for introducing new ideas to the world of Anime.

dia horizon

The CEO of Square Enix have been said to describe this project as a new experiment and ambitious work. Square Enix will be updating us on the details of this upcoming project very soon in a web streaming program although an Official Home Page ( and a twitter feed (@dia_horizon) have been published.

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