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Dragon Ball Voice Actor Passes Away At The Age Of 89

Dragon Ball Voice Actor Passes Away At The Age Of 89

It is a sad day in the Dragon Ball Community as we lose yet another member of what made this community so great! Ryuji Saikachi the voice of the Grand Kai in the Japanese Version of Dragon Ball Z and in Fukkatsu no Fusion!! Goku to Vegeta, has passed away at the age of 89!

Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex

If the name seems familiar it may be because his work was not just limited to Dragon Ball, you could find his impressive Voice Acting in such projects like: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Lupin Part 3: Part 2, Monster, Ranma 1/2, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho among others! Saikachi has had an extensive and very long career in Japanese Anime but his list of credentials does not stop there!

Jungle Book Animated Cartoon Full Hd Wallpaper Image Ipod


Projects you could find Ryuji Saikachi that are not Anime are dub work for even big franchises like Disney in projects like: The Jungle Book, and the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise! Also you could see him act in the real life series: Anne of Green Gables, and even do voice work for the animated series as Matthew Cuthbert. Also one of the biggest anime video games: Final Fantasy IV!

Final Fantasy IV

Saikachi has had an amazing career doing voice work and even acting in live action projects! We are truly saddened by the news of his passing, and truly hope he is in peace now!


Our thoughts, prayers, and absolute best wishes to Ryuji Saikachi’s family, friends, and co-workers! You have been a part of so many projects, and touch the lives of so many from your family and friends to coworkers and the many fans of all your work! Rest in Peace Grand Kaio Sama!

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Goku’s New Transformation’s NAME Revealed – Dragon Ball Super

Goku’s New Transformation’s NAME Revealed – Dragon Ball Super
As we get closer and closer to the 1 Hour Special we have all been waiting for we have been getting more and more leaks and spoilers. New information from seeing new footage of the beginning of the Goku vs Jiren Battle, to the fact that after this battle we will see Jiren vs Hit!

The most interesting new information or leaks is what Goku’s new “transformation” is. There have been many theories, idea’s and speculations surrounding what this transformation is and it seems we finally got the information we were looking for!

Behold the power of: Mystery of Self Movement! So could it be considered a transformation.. Maybe, maybe not, but this dates back ALL the way to the beginning of Super when Whis was explaining to Goku and Vegeta about being able to master movement without thinking about it as your body needs to. Something not even Beerus has been able to master. Of course an Angel like Whis has been able to master this “Self Movement” with little mishaps here and there (mind the poo!).

So could this be what happens to Goku? And if so how?

Coming soon…

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Goku’s New Transformation’s

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