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Bleach Live Action Movie Teaser 2018

If you think Bleach is gonna be another spoiled one like Netflix’s Death Note you are wrong Warner Bros, Japan will make it amazing. Fans have been waiting to get word on Bleach Live Action Movie for months now, but all they’ve gotten is radio silence.Today, After all, the first teaser trailer for Bleach’s live-action movie did just drop.

Bleach Live Action Movie Teaser

The teaser, which can be found above, shows just a brief snippet of Bleach in real life. The 20-second clip highlights the film’s logo and rocking soundtrack before it hones in on Ichigo Kurosaki. The Substitute Soul Reaper can be seen cutting off the hand of a large Hollow with his Zanpakuto, and his back is framed by his traditional black robes. The trailer then gives a close-up on Ichigo as he stands before a wall of fire, and the hero can be seen looking towards the ground with his Zanpakuto resting against his shoulder.

anime bleach

There is not enough footage present to give a good guess on how the Bleach movie will be received, but fans have seemed split about the feature so far. The project was announced last year when the Bleach manga officially wrapped. Filming began last fall and wrapped during the winter, giving Warner Bros. Japan plenty of time to sort out its post-production affairs. Given the poor reputation live-action anime films get, the Bleach movie will need to go above and beyond to convince fans of its merit – and this teaser trailer is its first step.

Bleach being an amazing anime and manga would be the most amazing live action movie to come out for Bleach fans. What are your thoughts ? Are you hyped as hyped we are ? Let us know your views in comment section , also Follow us on Facebook, Twitter for more updates on Anime, Pokemon Go, Movies and all Geek culture.

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